Celebrity Cars: Richard Gere (Audi RS6 Avant)

Richard Gere (Audi RS6 Avant)

Net Worth: $100 Million
Famous For: Award-Winning Actor
Car MSRP: $93,000
Top Speed: 174 Miles Per Hour
Miles to The Gallon: 15 City/22 Highway

Richard Gere is an American actor who first broke into the industry in 1969. Over the past fifty years, Gere has helped to fundamentally change what is expected out of a leading man. Thanks to his work on projects like Chicago, Pretty Woman and American Gigolo, Gere has been elevated to the top of the A-List. With a pair of Golden Globe Awards on his fireplace mantel, it seems like Gere has more than earned his reputation as a skilled performer.

Take a Spin in the RS6

While Richard Gere may give off an aura of calm refinement, he is no stranger to hitting the road in exotic cars. In fact, Gere made headlines back in 1989 when he appeared in a Lotus Esprit while filming his hit rom-com, Pretty Woman.  We’ll talk more about his other exotic cars later, but first, we want to highlight a personal favorite of Gere.

Before you pop in your copy of Chicago, take a moment to get a load of Gere’s beautiful Audi RS6 Avant. The Audi RS6 Avant is a flagship vehicle manufactured by Audi. The automobile is one of the few high-performance station wagons available in America. The 2020 RS6 Avant has more than a bit of muscle behind it, which makes it a fun ride no matter where you are heading.

As one of the more practical celebrity cars we have seen, the RS6 Avant still has plenty to brag about. With a price tag of nearly $93,000, you’d expect Gere to get more than his money’s worth from features alone. The RS6 Avant features a turbocharged twin 4-liter V8 engine that can load up 591 HP and 590lb-ft of raw torque. The RS6 also features all-wheel drive, an eight-speed auto transmission, and a 3.6 second 0 – 62 MPH time.

When Gere isn’t working on his next project, he can enjoy the luxury that the RS6 Avant offers him. Inside of Gere’s nearly $100,000 station wagon, you’ll find a fully integrated dashboard that boasts feature after feature after feature. The Audi RS6 Avant has driver assistance computer systems, blind-spot monitoring, and a motion-activate tailgate. As far as the look of the interior of the car, you can’t hope for much more. The RS6 Avant comes stock with faux suede and leather covers. There is nearly cu/ft of cargo space behind each rear seat and nearly 60 cubic feet of space when the seats are folded up.

While the Audi RS6 Avant certainly is a family-friendly vehicle, we’re impressed by the raw power and functionality that Gere has been able to get out of his car. We suppose after winning a Golden Globe or two, you can splurge on a nice car every once in a while.

Driving the Car From ‘Pretty Woman’

While Richard Gere is definitely a fan of luxury cars, he tends to keep his garage hidden away from public view. While we don’t know all the vehicles that the iconic actor has driven or purchased, we do know that he is incredibly close to his 1989 Lotus Esprit. If you are a fan of Richard Gere, you probably immediately recognized the sports car from its appearance in Pretty Woman. Gere made headlines when he was captured by photographers while driving around the gorgeous car and who can blame him?

The Lotus Esprit that Gere drove in Pretty Woman came with the stock aqua coat. The car was eventually sold at auction, but not before we got to learn all about what was inside of it. The 1989 Lotus Esprit retails at roughly $24,000, though you’d have to pay significantly more if you want to get your hands on Gere’s former vehicle. The Esprit is one of the longest-running and most celebrated models in the entire Lotus catalog after being introduced in 1976.

The 89 Lotus Esprit features a steel frame that mimics a capital Y in a reclining position.  Inside of the hood of the car, you’ll find a 2.2L turbocharged engine. The vehicle can go from zero to sixty in just 4.9 seconds which makes it quite an exciting car to drive around town. With modest fuel consumption yet high maintenance costs, you probably have to have a Pretty Woman-type salary in order to afford to restore your own model back home.

When Richard Gere isn’t spending time with his cars, he’s staying busy in Hollywood. While Gere’s most active days are behind him, he continues to appear regularly on television and in film. Most recently, Gere was spotted portraying Max Finch in the miniseries, MotherFatherSon. The show also starred Helen McCrory and Billy Howle.

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