Celebrity Cars: Miley Cyrus (Porsche Cayenne GTS)

Miley Cyrus (Porsche Cayenne GTS)

Net Worth: $160 Million
Famous For: Singer and Actress
Car MSRP: $98,600
Top Speed: 162 Miles Per Hour
Miles to The Gallon: 16 City/23 Highway

“I never had, like, a nanny that took care of me. My mom always fed me breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

She may be one of the biggest stars in the world, but when Miley Cyrus got her license in 2009, she did not run out to buy herself an Italian sports car or an Escalade, rather, she began driving her mother’s Porsche Cayenne GTS. No matter how rich and famous you get, for many, there are some things that are pretty universal, and one of those may be cutting your teeth with the parents’ cars. Of course, since 2009 she’s also been spotted in a Maserati Quattroporte, a McLaren MP4, a Mercedes Benz and a Mercedes SL500 convertible, and a Range Rover Sport, but it is the Porsche Cayenne that has become Miley’s signature vehicle, the singer having bought one for herself after outgrowing her mother’s.

Country Royalty

After the release of “Achy Breaky Heart” (1992), Billy Ray Cyrus was an international superhero. The song was the first single to ever attain a triple platinum record in Australia, going on to be the best selling single of that year down under, it spent five weeks at number one on the Hot Country Songs chart, and hit the top five on the Billboard Hot 100, making it one of the biggest crossover hits in music history. Within a year of release, the album, Some Gave All (1992), sold nine million copies. Billy Ray had been catapulted from unknown newcomer to country icon and American hearth-throb with a single hit song.

While recording the album, Billy Ray Cyrus had a falling out with his first wife, eventually dating Leticia “Tish” Finley. It was Tish who would be mother to Billy’s daughter that year. Miley was born Destiny Hope Cyrus. The name has a simple explanation: Her parents felt she would accomplish great things. As it would turn out, however, she preferred the nickname her parents gave her, “Smiley.” She simply dropped the S, and she had a new name, taking on the middle name of “Ray” to honor both her father and grandfather Ronald Ray Cyrus, a Kentucky politician.

The record label hoped to keep the relationship and the child in relative secrecy, given that Billy Ray Cyrus owed no small amount of his success to his status as one of the hunkiest country singers of his time. Despite protests from his label, Cyrus and Tish were married, in secret, a year after the birth of their daughter.

Miley grew up with brothers Braison and Noah, and half-siblings Brandi and Trace from her mother’s previous relationships. Miley is not the first of the Cyrus kids to get into music. Trace plays guitar and sings for the band Metro Station, Noah and Braison are songwriters, and Brandi is a professional DJ. And if that doesn’t convince you that the Cyrus are music royalty, just consider that Dolly Parton is Miley’s godmother.

Miley was essentially born with her foot in the door of the entertainment industry, but that only carries you so far if you don’t have the talent for it. Miley was eight years old when she decided she wanted to be an actress after seeing a production of Mamma Mia! (2001). Soon she was featuring on Doc (2001), her father’s TV series, and then taking a small part in Big Fish (2003), the Tim Burton film, finally landing the lead role in Hannah Montana (2003) at eleven years old.

To say that Hannah Montana was a hit would be an understatement. Under her pop-singer alter ego, Miley became perhaps the biggest young star Disney has signed in the last twenty years. Singles and albums regularly sold millions of copies winning gold and platinum records from the RIAA, and her early career as a Disney star would eventually see her performing for none other than Queen Elizabeth II in 2009.

In 2010, Miley Cyrus hoped to transition out of her earlier image and maintain longevity with a more mature look and sound. The album Can’t Be Tamed (2010) featured more provocative songwriting, and was promoted with a risque tour featuring skimpy leather outfits and a bit of a hard-rock edge compared to her earlier work. As it turns out, she made the right call. The final Hannah Montana soundtrack was released later that year, and it turns out, that ship had already sailed. The soundtrack was a commercial failure, while Can’t Be Tamed, though only a modest seller, helped to launch Cyrus towards bigger and better things.

Mom’s Car

It was around the time of this transition from being Hannah Montana to becoming her own person that Miley Cyrus got her driver’s license and began driving her mom’s Porsche Cayenne GTS. Though the car may look at first glance like a typical soccer mom vehicle, don’t forget that it’s a Porsche. There’s a lot of power under that hood.

This is Porsche’s first V8 since the 1995 928, the first off-road Porsche since the tractors Porsche built in the 1950s, and the first four-door the carmaker has produced. A mid-size, luxury SUV, the Cayenne debuted in 2002 with a VR6 engine boasting 247 horsepower. When Miley first got her license she was seen driving her mother’s gray Cayenne, likely a mid-00s model. A few years later, Miley was spotted in a brand new black GTS, likely a second-generation Cayenne, featuring an eight-speed Aisin Tiptronic S automatic transmission.

It’s a good fit for the young singer. Just as Miley Cyrus hides a rock and roll heart behind a kiddie-pop surface, the GTS may seem at first glance like an ordinary, everyday auto, but listen to it hum and you’ll know right away there’s something special here.

“I am so excited to let fans in on how important my relationship with my family is to me. I hope to motivate mothers and daughters to build lifetimes of memories together and inspire kids around the world to live their dreams.”

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