Celebrity Cars: Michael Oher (Chevy Chevelle SS)

Michael Oher Chevy Chevelle SS

Net Worth: $20 Million
Famous For: NFL Player
Car MSRP: $120,000
Top Speed: 142 Miles Per Hour
Miles to The Gallon: 9.3 MPG (Combined)

When talking about Michael Jerome Oher, there are two angles you can take. Oher is probably most famous for being the inspiration behind the Academy Award-winning movie, The Blind Side (2009). Due to his rough upbringing, Oher had to overcome significant adversity in order to even make it through his childhood.  Oher would attend Mississippi on a scholarship where he played offensive tackle. Oher was drafted in 2009 in the first round by the Baltimore Ravens. Oher most recently played for the Carolina Panthers in 2016.

Meet the Oher Fleet

While Michael Oher might not currently be on an NFL roster, that doesn’t mean that he isn’t celebrating the fruits of his prior labor. After making his way to the NFL, Oher managed to find a home with the Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans, and Carolina Panthers. Along the way, Oher won a Super Bowl championship. As an NFL agent can tell you, earning your second contract in the NFL means a big payday. For Oher, that meant building the dream fleet of cars that he had never had in his youth.

Michael Oher might have numerous cars stashed away, but we want to start by looking at his custom 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. First and foremost, Oher managed to get his fixed-up Chevelle SS for around $120,000, though no exact figures are available thanks to his custom modifications.  While we can’t give exact numbers, we can dive into some of the stock options that Oher likely kept.

Let’s start by peeking underneath the hood of Oher’s Chevelle SS. Inside of this classic muscle car, you’ll find one of the most powerful factory assembled engines of the time, the 454ci engine. This base engine featured 360 HP, though upgrades were available at the time to bring the horsepower up to 450. The engine was meant to give drivers a serious case of the leadfoot as the top speed of the car reached heights of 140 MPH. Thanks to the engine upgrade by Chevrolet, the engineers were able to create one of the most powerful and iconic cars of the time period. With a love for classic vehicles, it makes total sense that Oher would want to add one to his collection.

Oher’s Chevelle SS features a modified blue and white body. The vehicle is set atop Forgiato wheels that measure in at 26 inches. The vehicle also has been optimized with better piping, an improved sound system, and chrome bumpers. Oher even had his grille refinished to add some extra spice to the vehicle’s appearance. Inside of the car, Oher enjoys the suede upholstery and luxurious yet masculine feel of the vehicle.

As much as Oher might love his Chevelle SS, he also enjoys driving around the other cars in his garage. One of the main vehicles we want to point out of Oher’s is the BMW 7-Series. The BMW 7-Series is a massively popular car that retails at anywhere from $87,000 to $160,000, depending on the seller. While not possessed of the same raw masculinity, the BMW 7-Series is an incredible car with a roomy cabin, responsive steering, and great fuel economy. If you’ve ever seen Michael Oher on a football field, you’ll understand why the large cabin is important. While linemen tend to lose weight after leaving the NFL, they are still big-bodied people with a ton of muscle to haul around.

Inside of the BMW 7-series, Oher enjoys all of the comforts that BMW has made so popular. The 7-Series showcases a four-person seating capacity with spacious front seats that are heated. Thanks to the extended design of the vehicle, extra legroom is available in every spot of the vehicle. For athletes like Oher, the massage chair capability definitely feels great after a long day at practice.

Michael Oher’s BMW 7-Series features a base 6-liter 740i engine that is turbocharged with 335hp. While the 7-Series is far from a sports performance car, it still offers a ton of power for everyday driving. The base price for this vehicle sits at about $90,000.

The Life of Michael Oher

For some people, it feels like life is a game being played on hard mode. Michael Oher was born into a truly unfortunate situation. His parents were in and out of his life due to various serious issues, including substance abuse and imprisonment. As a result, Oher spent much of his life in foster homes when he was lucky, or living on the streets when he was not. Despite these struggles, Oher managed to persevere thanks to the help of some truly kind individuals as well as his own efforts.

Michael Oher is currently an NFL free-agent. He played a total of 110 games while in the NFL, earning more than $15 million in contracts alone. A dramatic adaptation of his life story can be seen in the film, The Blind Side.

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