Celebrity Cars: Kevin Hart (Pontiac GTO)

Kevin Hart (Pontiac GTO)

Net Worth: $120 Million
Famous For: “What Now?”, “Ride Along”, “Central Intelligence”
Car MSRP: $4,500
Top Speed: 121 Miles Per Hour
Miles to The Gallon: 10 MPG (City) / 15 MPG (Highway)
Stock Number: 242

Kevin Hart got his start in comedy at a very young age, participating in amateur stand-up comedy club competitions, and winning pretty much all of them. Because of that, Hart was offered some acting roles, and he was featured in early roles including “Undeclared”, “Scary Movie 3” and “Soul Plane”. As his stand-up received more attention, Hart started landing bigger roles, including comedy hits such as “Ride Along”, “Central Intelligence” and “The Wedding Ringer”.

Because of his comedy success, Hart has been able to mount a massive net worth estimated to be $120 million. This includes a massive year in which he made more than $85 million. Some of his future roles that should be able to raise his net worth even further to afford more fancy cars includes “Jumanji”, “Last Friday” and a third “Ride Along” film.

Many of us want to buy ourselves a nice birthday present, and it’s a lot easier to do when you’re worth millions of dollars. In 2011, Hart decided that his 32nd birthday present should be a car that he’s always wanted, a 1966 Pontiac GTO. After making the purchase, Hart spent a few years getting the car upgraded into pristine condition, and even named it Tre Deuce.

Since then, he’s bought himself a few more cars, but the GTO is still the first big one that he added to his collection, and the amount of work that he put into it makes it a favorite. The GTO was first introduced by Pontiac in 1964, and operations ceased with the 1974 model year. There was a revival from 2004-2006 thanks to Holden, but we haven’t seen the GTO back on the assembly line since then.

The 1966 model of the GTO is a special one, since it was the first of its kind that was completely separate from the Pontiac Tempest. The fender lines were altered to give it more of a “tunnelled” look, though the size wasn’t too different from previous models. Nearly 100,000 were sold in the 1966 model year, and although it was a common car, it’s still among the most collectible for celebrities and car enthusiasts alike.

There were a few different varieties of the 1966 GTO, and Hart went with the soft top option, getting a revitalized paint job with a greenish hue. The car itself might be over 50 years old, but it looks like it rolled straight from a 2017 assembly line. One of the newest additions that Hart put onto the GTO were Forgiato wheels. He shared the new tires on social media, saying that he was getting it ready for the summer months.

When it was first released, the GTO cost just around $4,500, though Hart has put thousands into his new ride. He hasn’t said exactly how much, though the wheels alone can cost over $10,000 for an all-new set. Even in poorer condition, it can still cost you more than $40,000 on average to purchase an original 1966 GTO. The main reason is because the car was so beloved upon its initial release that many who purchased them took very good care of their GTOs, increasing their value.

If you can get your hands on a 1966 GTO, you can expect to find a 6.4-liter V8 engine that carries 335 horsepower. That’s for the base model, while the hard to find tri-power and XS versions have 360 and 380 horsepower, respectively. The base model also features 431 lb-ft of torque and a three-speed manual transmission. The other options included a floor-shift three-speed, four-speed manual and two-speed automatic.

As for performance, expecting to reach zero to 60 miles an hour can take 6.8 seconds in the base model and 6.5 seconds in the tri-power version. The quarter-mile time for the base was 15.4 seconds, reaching a top speed in that time of 92 miles per hour. It ca take a little bit of time, but the GTO can reach a top speed of 121 miles per hour.

Fuel mileage can vary since it wasn’t quite accurately calculated back in the 1960s, so reports have come from different drivers. The average fuel mileage is around 12.2 miles per gallon combined, with about 10 miles per gallon in the city and 15 on the highways. Needless to say, this muscle car isn’t very fuel efficient, at least not compared to the vehicles of today.

Hart has some other expensive cars in his collection that includes a Ferrari 488 GTB, Ferrari 458 Spider, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Mercedes-Benz G-Class. That actually puts his GTO among the slower cars in his collection, but it’s his pride and joy thanks to how much work he was able to put into it. Hart has been spotted driving his GTO around more frequently than his supercars to hammer that home. It’s unlikely that he’ll get rid of the GTO anytime soon, which is a good thing because not all celebrities have a fondness for the true American classics.

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