Celebrity Cars: Kane Brown (GMC Denali)

Kane Brown (GMC Denali)

Net Worth: $6 Million
Famous For: Country Musician
Car MSRP: $47,000
Top Speed: 98 Miles Per Hour
Miles to The Gallon: 21 MPG (Combined)

Kane Allen Brown is an American recording artist who rose to fame via social media. His first album dropped in June 2015, titled Closer. Since then, Brown has risen in meteoric fashion toward becoming one of the biggest country musicians in the genre. Brown has since reached the top of the Billboard 200 via his most recent album, Experiment.

Meet Kane Brown’s Denali HD

When you are a big star, you need to find your way to a big ride, right? Well, our math might be a little off, but country star Kane Brown certainly seems to agree with it. As a young surging star, Brown has been known to throw his money toward things he is passionate about. What could a country singer be more passionate about than a big old truck?

For Kane Brown, buying a truck and buying a truck are two different things. While Brown has an extensive collection of vehicles, we always come back around to his beautiful 2011 GMC Denali HD. For Brown, the GMC Denali didn’t just come stocked and standard, he had to make sure that his vehicle was lifted, too.

As you walk up to Kane’s lifted 2011 GMC Denali HD, you’ll be wowed by the sheer presence of the vehicle. This massive truck is nicknamed ‘Rex’ for a good reason! We wouldn’t want to be caught in front of this vehicle in traffic. When the ‘Heaven’ singer hops behind the wheel, and we do mean hop, he finds himself with some serious power beneath his feet. Let’s take a peek inside of the vehicle in order to see why Brown is so in love with this vehicle!

For starters, the Denali HD is a magnificent vehicle thanks to its 6.6L turbo diesel engine that has obviously been supercharged. The truck delivers 397 horsepower with 765 pounds of torque. When Brown purchased Rex, he bought his way into one of the first GMC supertruck offerings in their backlog. The heavy-duty pickup truck was built for towing thanks to a towing capacity of 15,600 lbs. You could tow an entire three-axle trailer with the 2011 Denali HD, though we doubt Brown is spending his personal time hauling anything.

Within the vehicle, the GMC Denali boasts a large fuel tank and incredible fuel economy for a pickup truck. The smart exhaust brake allows Kane to control his vehicle with maximum precision while reducing the wear-and-tear on his brake pads.  Inside of the cab of the vehicle, Brown is greeted by an all-encompassing climate and entertainment control system. Brown’s passengers can enjoy mobile Wi-Fi, XM satellite radio, and all the new Bluetooth features that have become standardized within the industry.

If you are Kane Brown, you have to be feeling pretty good when you step behind your wheel. For a larger-than-life country star, only a larger-than-life truck like the 2011 GMC Denali HD can do the job!

Kane’s Decked Out Dream Truck

Alright, so Kane’s love of trucks has been pretty well documented. While his HD Denali, Rex, is the star of the show, we have a feeling that this may change in the future. Since becoming a national country music star, Kane has handed the keys of his Denali off to his wife, Katelyn. What does this mean? Well, obviously, it means that Brown needed to go out and get his dream truck, the 2019 Ford Super Duty. Before you look up pictures of this beautiful vehicle, we’ll have you know that Brown customized the heck out of his model.

Spend more than a minute reading about Brown and you’ll come to realize that the ‘What Ifs’ star is absolutely in love with monster trucks. While the Denali was large, it was nothing compared to the Ford F-250 Super Duty that he has been driving. The truck has been decked out in order to make Kane’s ‘dream truck’ a reality. Starting from the ground, the F-250 sports a 19.5-inch lift and a gold-plated undercarriage. The wheels themselves are gold with a black lip and 42-inch tires. To say that this vehicle is large would be an understatement. In fact, were you to pull up behind another car at a stop sign, you wouldn’t even see them in front of you! We can imagine Kane and Kaitlyn trying to jump into this vehicle after a long day on the road. Talk about getting a workout in!

While it is almost impossible to find out what exactly Brown had done to his vehicle, the country star has admitted that the truck cost more than his wedding. The base 2019 F-250 Super Duty features a 6.7 liter Power Stroke V8 diesel engine. The vehicle showcases 450 horsepower at 2,800 RPM. The truck itself can tow up to 21,000 pounds with a max gooseneck rating set to 35,000 pounds. Yeah, we’re pretty comfortable in saying that this is truly a monster truck.

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