Celebrity Cars: Justin Combs (Maybach)

Net Worth: $550 Million
Famous For: UCLA Football Player, Son of P. Diddy
Car MSRP: $168,000
Top Speed: 218 Miles Per Hour
Miles to The Gallon: 16 MPG (Combined)

Justin Combs, son of P. Diddy and football player for UCLA, has a lot going for him these days. At just 18, he received a $54,000 scholarship to attend UCLA and play football. The scholarship is one of more than 280 handed out every year, and won’t affect the need-based scholarships of students who don’t have a lot of money and want to attend the school. While there are some critics of the scholarship because of the perceived lack of financial need Combs and his family have, he had publicly stated that he put in the work and that’s what should matter. He also had scholarship offers from three other schools, and graduated from his New York prep school with a 3.75 grade point average. For his 16th birthday, his father gave him a Maybach car, rumored to be worth $360,000.

While Maybachs can start around $168.000, there are many that cost more. The year, features, options, and other factors all play a part in the total price of the car. Regardless of his academic abilities or his talent on the football field, Combs will have a great car to drive to and from school and his practice sessions with his new team. Maybach used to be its own brand, called the Maybach Motorenbau. It was founded as a German company in 1909, and existed until 1960, when it was bought by Mercedes-Benz. But that didn’t stop the Maybach name. It was still a stand-alone brand until 2013, and in 2015 it officially became a Mercedes-Benz sub-brand. That change occurred due to lower sales and other problems that the company started to face as the years went by.

In 2018, Daimler AG, which is the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, makes a Mercedes-Maybach. This car is an ultra-luxury version of the S-Class of Mercedes cars. Maybach performed well on its own for a number of years after it was founded, and it originally made both gasoline and diesel engines. In 1919, the company decided it was going to build a car as an experiment, instead of focusing only on engines, rail cars, and similar items. From 1921 through 1940, the company produced a lot of unique and high-end cars. These are all considered classics now, and very few of them are still in existence. But the company that started out making engines was now a car manufacturer, and was going to make the most of that ability and status.

In 1940, and all the way through until 1945, the company stopped making cars because it needed to focus on making engines for the war effort. After the war ended, Maybach never returned to car making. The company continued to make engines, and do some repair work on the cars it had already created. In 1960, when Daimler-Benz bought the company, the Maybach facilities were generally used to make special editions of Mercedes cars. While these cars were built at Maybach facilities, they carried the Mercedes-Benz name. In 1997, though, Daimler presented a luxury concept car at a motor show that carried the Maybach name. In 2005, another model of Maybach was also added to the lineup.

Daimler-Chrysler predicted that there would be strong sales of the Maybach, with at least 2,000 units per year selling and 50 percent of those sales coming from the US. That never happened, though, and by 2010 there were only 157 Maybachs sold throughout the world that year. Since the brand came back in 2002, there have only been 3,000 Maybachs sold across the world. In December of 2012, the last Maybach rolled off the production line for the 2013 model year. The poor sales of the cars led to their demise, and they’re no longer made. One of the reasons that critics think this happened, is that the Maybach brand was never really differentiated from Mercedes-Benz in a way that worked for consumers and their understanding of what the cars could offer to them.

Now that Maybach isn’t being made anymore, Mercedes-Benz has come out with a Mercedes-Maybach car that’s designed to be something unique and different. Combs may really enjoy his Maybach, but when he wants to upgrade someday he’ll likely need to find some other brand of car. The Maybach days appear to be over, unless the Mercedes-Maybach does well and Daimler decides to revive the brand. As of now, it doesn’t appear that there are any plans to do that, and any reason for Daimler to consider the issue. The sales of the Maybach vehicles weren’t strong enough to keep justifying their production, and after a number of years with that being the case, removing the vehicles from production and not making them again in the future was to be expected.

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