Celebrity Cars: Daniel Craig (Aston Martin Vanquish)

Daniel Craig (Aston Martin Vanquish)

Net Worth: $95 Million
Famous For: Current James Bond, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Car MSRP: $295,000
Top Speed: 201 Miles Per Hour
Miles to The Gallon: 13 City/21 Highway

Craig. Daniel Craig. He’s famous for playing James Bond in movies like Skyfall, Casino Royale, and Quantum of Solace. But he’s done a lot more than that, and has been in numerous other movies. He trained at National Youth Theatre, and then went to a music and drama school before he made his acting debut on the stage. The year after his graduation from drama school he made his debut in film, as well. He was in historical dramas early on in his career, along with biographical films and even a Disney movie. But that’s not all that Craig has going for him. There’s also his beautiful car, an Aston Martin Vanquish.

This grand tourer was introduced in 2001, to take over for the Virage that was being retired. A modified version of the Vanquish was driven in some of the James Bond movies, so it’s only fitting that Craig would own one. The first-generation Vanquish that existed, between 2001 and 2007, had a V12 engine and a manual transmission with six speeds. For many exotic sports cars, a manual transmission is the choice of most drivers. A two-door coupe and a two-plus-two coupe were both available. Advanced electronics and instrumentation were also found in this car, right from the very beginning.

After 2007, the Vanquish ended its first run. During its time, though, it was the fastest production automobile Aston Martin made. That slot was taken over in 2008, by another exotic vehicle. An Ultimate Edition of the Vanquish was made at the very end of the run, in order to celebrate the car and everything it offered to drivers during the years it was being produced. Fortunately, in 2012 a second-generation Vanquish was brought to life, and was produced through 2018. The exterior styling had changed, and the electronics inside the vehicle were also changed to meet new and more impressive standards.

Hand-stitched leather and a number of color options were all part of the second-generation Vanquish. Changes were made to it in 2014, where the gearbox was upgraded and performance was enhanced. A new model of this generation of Vanquish appeared in 2017, and it featured more aerodynamics and a convertible version. With so much to offer, it’s no surprise that someone like Craig would choose this type of car. The handling and luxury are both impressive, and the Vanquish has a style that can really be appreciated by Aston Martin lovers and those who like cars in general.

While Aston Martin still makes vehicles, it no longer offers the Vanquish in its current lineup. But there are plenty of these cars around, so people who want to buy one can still find them. For elegance and sophistication, the Vanquish is an excellent choice. James Bond liked it enough to drive it in a movie, and Daniel Craig liked it enough to drive it in real life. The Zagato, Neiman Marcus edition, and Centenary edition are all options for people who want to own a Vanquish, along with the more standard Vanquish, which still exudes quality.

What will Craig drive next? It’s hard to say. The Vanquish is such a great car that he may keep it for a very long time to come. When he does change cars, it could be for another Aston Martin vehicle, or something equally as exotic. In the meantime he can enjoy all that the Vanquish provides, along with the prestige of driving an Aston Martin and the fame that comes along with making some of the most popular movies of the last few decades. The James Bond movies are very popular with fans, even if they aren’t always well-received by critics.

While Craig hasn’t made any James Bond movies in a while, there’s no reason to think he won’t make more movies of some type in the next few years. Whether they’ll be Bond movies with Aston Martin cars in them, or whether he’ll choose something unrelated, fans will have to wait to see. Even though Craig has made several Bond movies, he’s continued to make other movies since that time. His interest in making films is one that carries over from one genre to others, allowing him to focus on a number of ideas and concepts in his work.

Craig’s portrayal of Bond is somewhat different than some others who have played the role, as Craig sees Bond as an anti-hero. He questions whether he’s really a good guy, or only a bad guy who’s working for the good guys at the moment. That’s a unique way of seeing the Bond role, as Craig wants to ensure his way of playing the character is different from other ways in which actors have taken on the role in the past. Craig also works for charities, and is married and has a daughter. Enjoying his Aston Martin Vanquish is just one of the great pleasures in his life.

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