Celebrity Cars: Clint Eastwood (GMC Typhoon)

Clint Eastwood (GMC Typhoon)

Net Worth: $375 Million
Famous For: Director, Actor
Car MSRP: $29,970
Top Speed: 124 Miles Per Hour
Miles to The Gallon: 16 City/21 Highway (Combined)

Clint Eastwood is an American actor and director most well-known for his work in the western genre. Eastwood broke into the acting world back in the 1950s, and he hasn’t left ever since. Throughout Eastwood’s long and decorated career, he has managed to star or direct a proverbial gallery of incredible films. Eastwood has 40 Academy Award nominations, 32 Golden Globe Award nominations, and 21 total wins.

Clint Eastwood’s Unconventional Car Choice

There is something fiercely understated about how Clint Eastwood comports himself. As one of the most iconic tough guys in Hollywood history, Eastwood would have every right to flaunt his prowess. Having said that, Eastwood has never been one to glamorize the work that he does. For that reason, it makes all the sense in the world that the former Unforgiven star and Million Dollar Baby director has been driving around a 1993 GMC Typhoon.

Unlike many other iconic celebrities, Eastwood is perfectly content to spend his time on the road behind the wheel of a car that almost anyone can afford. The 1993 GMC Typhoon isn’t even close to a luxury vehicle, but that doesn’t mean that Eastwood isn’t in love with it. While speaking to Jimmy Fallon during a taping of The Tonight Show, Eastwood revealed that he wasn’t very into luxury cars. Eastwood went on to say, “I drive a Typhoon, a GMC Typhoon. It’s out of production now. It’s actually a turboed V6. It’s fast.” Though Eastwood is getting up there in years, he hasn’t left behind his desire to burn rubber on the road.

The ‘legendary’ 1993 GMC Typhoon was one of the original high-performance SUV options on the market when it was released. The vehicle features a souped-up 4.3-liter V6 engine that showcases 280hp and 360lb-ft torque. The vehicle was based on the old GMC Jimmy which was sold in 1992 and 1993. While far from a mechanic’s dream car, the GMC Typhoon has plenty to offer drivers of all types.

Clint’s GMC Typhoon features a 3-door wagon body and four-wheel drive. The car also has a 4-speed gearbox. Clint’s GMC Typhoon can go zero to sixty in roughly 6.3 seconds, so don’t expect this car to suddenly appear in your rearview mirror while you are out driving. With decent gas mileage and relatively inexpensive maintenance requirements, this might be the most frugal car we’ve ever seen a celebrity drive! While far from the most impressive vehicle we’ve ever seen in Hollywood, there is something unique and charming about the 93 GMC Typhoon. Maybe it is the image of a grizzled Clint Eastwood hunched over the wheel that has us so in love with the vehicle.

America’s Favorite Cowboy

While Clint Eastwood might like to go undercover in his 1993 GMC Typhoon, that doesn’t mean that he is afraid of a little glitz and glam. In fact, Eastwood has long been known as a bit of a gear head. Eastwood first began collecting muscle cars back in the 50s after finding success in Rawhide. Afforded some extra spending money, Eastwood soon began building one of the coolest collections of sports and muscle cars that we have ever seen. In order to be brief, we’ll skim by a few of our favorite cars that Hollywood’s favorite cowboy has stashed away at home.

Let’s start our tour of the rest of Clint’s garage by stopping at the Jaguar XK150. This incredibly sleek looking sports car was developed from 1957 to 1961. During that time, the XK150 became one of the most popular sports cars in America. With two seats and a soft top, it was easy to see why Eastwood was drawn to the vehicle.  The Jag XK150 showcases an impressive engine for a vehicle so old. The engine inside of the XK150 is a 3.4L engine that can push the XK150 from 0 to 60 in 7.8 seconds. At the time that this vehicle was released, Clint owned the fastest retail sports car available.

Who can get tired of a young Clint Eastwood hanging out in classic cars? We can’t! For that reason, you owe it to yourself to look back at some of his older car photos, including the Austin-Healey 100. This classic sports car was manufactured from 1953 until 1956 and it was developed by Donald Healey for in-house production.  While it is hard to deny the sleek appeal of this vehicle, it was an odd choice for a then young-and-upcoming Clint Eastwood. At the time, the Austin-Healey 100 had a reputation for being the preferred vehicle of the snobby and wealthy. While Eastwood certainly doesn’t fit in those categories, he definitely looks like he fit right into the driver’s seat of the Austin-Healey 100.

The final car that we want to introduce you to is the 1932 Ford Roadster. As a child, Eastwood dreamed about having one of these vehicles to drive. Due to his family’s financial situation, they obviously were never able to get their own. However, after establishing himself as one of the most celebrated actors in entertainment history, Eastwood made sure to finally grab his own. The ’32 Ford Roadster was one of the flagship vehicles that Ford was designing at the time.  Eastwood’s Roadster features a smooth silver sheen, though we doubt you’ll get to see it up close. This classic car reportedly stays nice and safe inside of Eastwood’s luxury car garage.

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