Celebrity Cars: Cam Newton (Oldsmobile 442)

Net Worth: $45 Million
Famous For: NFL Star
Car MSRP: Unknown
Top Speed: 116 Miles Per Hour
Miles to The Gallon: 13 MPG (Combined)

Cam Newton is a professional football quarterback for the Carolina Panthers in the NFL. Newton was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. Newton would go on to attend Auburn University where he would win the Heisman Trophy as well as two SEC and BCS Championship titles. After being drafted first overall in the 2011 NFL draft, Newton has become the franchise cornerstone for the Carolina Panthers. Newton has already earned three Pro Bowl nods as well as an MVP award and the NFL Offensive Player of the Year honor.

Changing the Game with a Gold Plated Car

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching Cam Newton play football, you’ll know that he loves to make the big plays. As a flashy quarterback, Newton is known for shouldering over massive defenders on the way to racking up yardage with his legs and arms. As a driver, Newton tends to follow a similar path. For Cam, owning a luxury vehicle is all about staying in the center of attention. For that reason, we are going to take a look at one of the wildest celebrity cars you’ve ever seen, a custom gold-plated 1970 Oldsmobile 442 Cutlass.

Before we introduce you to Cam’s custom ride, we should take a minute to introduce you to the model of the car itself. The 1970 Oldsmobile 442 Cutlass is, perhaps, one of the most celebrated performance cars of the era. A traditional 1970 Olds 442 features a V8 engine that showcases 365 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque.  Needless to say, this is a pretty solid automobile. If you were to purchase one of these cars stock, you’d end up paying close to $120,00 from a decent private buyer.

While the Oldsmobile 442 Cutlass isn’t the most eye-popping celebrity vehicle you’ll ever see, Cam’s custom adjustments to the car make all of the difference in the world. The Carolina Panther QB sent his ’70 Olds to the team at Monster Customs for a complete makeover. The owner, Terry Dobbs, was tasked with changing quite a bit about the way the car looked, drove, and operated. The first thing you’ll notice is that Cam had the lower body of the vehicle plated in 24 karat gold. Yeah, we’re talking about actual gold on the outside of the car.

When you look head-on at Cam’s Oldsmobile 442, you’ll see that the grille has a golden Carolina Panther logo set in place. Cam further extended his gold plating desires to the rims of his vehicle, which are black and specked with gold.  Dobbs also improved the car’s glamour by installing an air-ride suspension. Inside of the vehicle, you’ll find that Cam had actual diamonds stitched into all of the seats and upholstery of the car. Looking at just aesthetic upgrades alone, Cam purportedly spent more than $100,000 on the vehicle. According to Dobbs, the workmanship alone took a significant chunk of change with the gold Forgiato bumpers, rims, and wheels being particularly time-consuming.

Though Cam Newton no doubt loves his gorgeous vehicle, he has been relatively mum about discussing it. Newton put the word out through his agent and publicist that he wouldn’t take questions regarding the golden Oldsmobile. If we had to guess, we suspect that Newton doesn’t want his vehicle to become a potential target for theft.

Cam Newton’s MVP Car Collection

When Newton doesn’t feel like blinding other drivers with his golden car, he likes to spend time in his Ferrari F12. Unfortunately, Newton was involved in a mild car crash with the vehicle. Fortunately, we found out quite a bit about the car before it vanished back into Newton’s garage, purportedly until it is repaired.

The tiny Ferrari F12 that Newton drives almost seems comical when the NFL quarterback stands next to it. The short car was developed by Ferrari in Italy before being sold to Newton. As the ‘Supercar of the Year’ in 2012, the F12 is one of the most popular souped-up sports cars among the rich and famous.

The F12 features a 6.3L V12 engine that was developed as part of the Ferrari F140 family of engines. With a ton of power under the hood, it is easy to see why these vehicles can be dangerous to drive. The F12 also sports a 7-speed semi-automatic, a dual-clutch gearbox that is controlled by the driver via a paddle shifter. With an aerodynamic body, it is easy to get the F12 up to speed where it tops out at 211 MPH. Inside of Cam’s gorgeous F12, you’ll find the finest of luxury materials including leather and suede, though we doubt that the vehicle has also been decked out in gold and diamond.

While Cam Newton has been in the NFL since 2011, he is still one of the biggest stars in the game. Despite numerous injuries due to his physical style of play, Newton continues to be the franchise cornerstone for the Carolina Panthers. Outside of his work in the NFL, Newton has aspirations in the world of business. Newton recently announced that he would be starting his first serious business venture, a cigar bar, and restaurant located in downtown Atlanta, just outside of Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The bar will be called Fellaship. There is no current grand opening date available.

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