Celebrity Cars: Adele (2013 Porsche Cayenne)

Net Worth: $135 Million
Famous For: “Hello”, “Someone Like You”, “Rolling in the Deep”
Car MSRP: $108,750
Top Speed: 176 Miles Per Hour
Miles to The Gallon: 15 MPG (City) / 22 MPG (Highway)
Stock Number: Unknown

29 year old singer Adele seemingly came out of nowhere back in 2008 when she released her debut album “19”. She achieved success in her native United Kingdom, then became an international star when she released “21”, featuring hits like “Rolling in the Deep” and “Someone Like You”. She doesn’t make albums very often, but they’re much anticipated when they release, and Adele has won 15 Grammy Awards before even turning 30 years old.

Adele has always been one of those quiet celebrities that doesn’t necessarily flaunt around a lot of her purchases. When you’re worth $100 million, you can buy pretty much any car you want, but she’s been known to live a more frugal lifestyle. She does have a few different homes, but nothing that’s been described as flashy. That also applies to her choice of vehicles. Adele has a Mini Cooper that she’s been spotted driving around in, but her first car is the one that you’ll most frequently see her in, which is her 2013 Porsche Cayenne.
Adele didn’t have her driver’s license for many years, and she didn’t take her driving test until she was 25 years old, while most of us grab our licenses the day we turn 16. In celebration of her test, Adele went straight to her local car dealership and bought the Cayenne that has an MSRP of anywhere between $65,850 and $108,750. Sources say that she opted for the highest end one that costs six-figures, which is the Turbo model.

The source also said that “Since passing her test, driving has become one of Adele’s favorite activities and she loves to cruise around London. She could afford to buy any mega-expensive sports car, but now she’s a (mother), safety and reliability are her priorities. Her car is a 4×4 and extremely safe, but it’s also slick and luxurious.”
When picking out the car that she wanted, Adele was very specific about her needs and had the Cayenne custom built. She opted for the all-black version with leather seating and quality craft stitching, hoping to maintain some anonymity when she drives. The singer also had some tinted windows, helping to keep that privacy up even more. Unsurprisingly, Adele also had a high end sound system installed so that she can belt out tunes while driving down the road.

Even when spending six figures on a vehicle, most celebrities that are worth tens of millions of dollars will end up selling them after a year or two. It turns out that Adele still has her Cayenne, much to the surprise of some. In mid-2017, one reporter started off an interview by noting that Adele was in the same vehicle after several years.

“Adele is behind the wheel and alone in the car,” she said. “When I get in, she tells me she loves to drive on her own – although these is a discreet security detail in the car in front.” Being as famous as she is, Adele could have all of the limousine rides that she wanted, but there’s something serene about being in a car by yourself and driving the open road.

As for the Cayenne itself, it might not be in the supercar category that a lot of celebrity cars are, but it’s still fun to drive around. With a curb weight of just under 4,800 pounds, the Cayenne offers up 500 to 540 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque and the ability to tow more than 7,700 pounds. It’s certainly roomy enough, too, which is great when you have to drive the children around.
Having kids in the car probably means you’re not getting anywhere close to top speed, however. If she’s alone and wants to test the Cayenne out, Adele can reach speeds of up to 176 miles per hour, reaching 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 4.5 seconds. For an SUV, those are incredible numbers, and people have noted that handling for a car of its size is second to none.

Being an SUV that’s a few years old, there is one drawback and that comes in the fuel department. You have to trade in performance for fuel economy, and the Turbo version of the Cayenne is only capable of achieving 15 miles per gallon of fuel in the city and 22 miles per gallon on the highways. With as much money as she saved from not buying a Lamborghini or a Bentley, Adele has plenty of cash leftover for gas stops.

There was also concern years ago that SUVs carried a high roll-over rate, but that isn’t a concern with the Cyanne. The Dynamic Chassis Control system that Porsche built prevents this from happening, making it great in all types of terrain and weather. You might be too enamored with the interior to even notice how smooth the Cayenne operates, especially if you opt for the red and black interior, but Adele went with the darker leather.

Safety, style, luxury, performance, it’s all here with the Cayenne, especially when you add all of the options to increase performance and get all of the bells and whistles like Adele did. While she sees it as more of a “mom car,” most of us wouldn’t have any problem keeping a car like this in our garage. It’s hard to say how long Adele will keep driving the 2013 model as Porsche continues to make the Cayenne on a yearly basis. If she’s as frugal as some reports say, it might be quite some time.

To get your hands on a used one, be prepared to spend around $50,000 to $60,000. Getting the even newer version of Adele’s beloved car is going to set you back much further, though. The 2018 Cayenne Turbo S has skyrocketed in price, with an MSRP listed at over $161,000. So if you really want one, you better start taking vocal classes and writing some international hits!

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